September 2008


It's been awhile since this site was updated; my apologies. In the past year, life has taken some strange, intense turns, and work on SunDummy has had to take a back seat. As of now, SunDummy is on hiatus. Goals have been met; messages sent and received. For now, that's enough. In the future, there may be more to say, more to expose, more to share: but for now, SunDummy is submerging, going deep into the salty blue and black void, to recharge the mental, emotional, and creative systems.

The good news is that there are a TON of recordings in the can, waiting for final mixes, including the long-promised 4-disk set "Out Beyond the Reef". As time permits, these recordings will be made available, most likely as free downloads or limited CDR releases. Be patient, this may take some time. We also plan to make tons of archival material available on the downloads page for free, possibly our entire catalog. Time will tell.

A huge and sincere "thank you" to all the folks who have contacted SunDummy over the past years; your support has been invaluable, much more than you know. Feel free to contact us with comments, requests, recipes, whatever: just click on the contact link above for more info.

Cheers for now!