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"The Canvas Remixes" - (256kps MP3, 1:12:55) A blend of remixes of tracks provided by Rod Smith ("Clava Corona"), CUCK ("Romano Santi"), and Karla Wessel ("Fawning Talk Test"). Alien Radio at it's most creepy... (AVAILABLE FROM 9/1/06 UNTIL 5/1/2007)
"Ultranova Four: The Universe Grows Cold" - (192kps MP3, 1:03:44) (AVAILABLE FROM 7/1/06 UNTIL 8/31/06)
"Ultranova Three: Cessation of All Motion" - (192kps MP3, 1:09:49) (AVAILABLE FROM 5/1/06 UNTIL 6/30/06)
"Ultranova Two: Ectoplasmic Subduction" - (192kps MP3, 1:03:43) (AVAILABLE FROM 3/1/06 UNTIL 4/30/06)
"Ultranova One: Ten Billion Bipeds Descend" - (192kps MP3, 1:04:23 ) (AVAILABLE FROM 1/1/06 UNTIL 2/28/06)
"Undisturbed for Millions of Years" - (192kps MP3 files) Recorded in 1999 at Sapho's Reading Room in St. Paul, Minnesota. Released in 2000 by SunDummy's previous incarnation, "Christ Almighty", as a two-disk box set with homemade artwork, in an edition of 25. Drones, beats, samples, and guitars make up a strange journey into deep sound. (AVAILABLE FROM 3/1/06 UNTIL 4/30/06)
"All Hallows Mix 2004" - Recorded on 10/31/2004. SunDummy uses "Otherworldly" by Stephen Philips as source material for this recycling project, adding a bit of guitar, some uneasy atmospheres, and a pinch of mandrake root to create an entirely new concoction... 192kps MP3, 54:27. (AVAILABLE FROM 10/31/05 UNTIL 12/31/05)
Newark Supergroup - "Strata/Drones" - Recorded in Sept./Oct. 1999, unreleased. Three CDs; an exploration of pure synth-based drones and tones. Strata 1-9 are by SunDummy; the other tracks are by Rod Smith (keyboards) and SunDummy (keyboards). (AVAILABLE FROM 10/31/05 UNTIL 12/31/05)