Many, many years ago, Jodger & Eeneeseesee decided to leave their wonderful homeland, a place where rivers flow in circles (downhill the whole way), houses are made of plastic steel boards, and getting from one place to another is as simple as standing on a slab of wood, picking it up, and carrying it to where you want to go. Eeneeseesee, his spiked salt-cube body snagging on every stray thistle, slowly made his way down the Dodecahedron's pathway (powerlines buzzing overhead), led by Jodger, who did his best to keep the path clear. "I hope you know your way back," said Eeneeseesee, burning toads flying from his mouth, "'cause I'd hate to get lost in this weird place." Jodger turned his auxiliary head around to glare at Eeneeseesee. "I know where we are," he snapped, "we're four miles west of here." Eeneeseesee's elbow spewed out a grape-flavored mucous apology, which Jodger's lower tongue quickly licked up. "Apology accepted," said Jodger, as he retracted his tongue, "now lets go see the sights." Eeneeseesee's nine external eyes (and five internal ones) widened with anticipation as they walked off into the unknown...




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